Show Us Your Food & Check Out Our Digital Cookbook!

Posted by: aramdhari, April 11, 2014 1:57 pm

We just launched our crowd-sourced digital cookbook! Take part in our online green community by adding one of your personal recipes to our collection. Recipes will feature some of the very delicious edibles grown in our gardens-- beans, beets, carrots, eggplant, kale, mint, radishes, and tomatoes. Western Queens Library gardens off a symbolic movement in urban sustainability; where fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs grow, bringing butterflies sweet nectar and librarians sweet tomatoes!

We are looking for recipes that showcase our diverse community and encourage healthy, homegrown cooking. Browse the different categories for new recipes to try, and add your own for others to taste!

How to add a recipe:

  • Click on the "Recipes" link at the top of this page. This will bring you to the recipes category page, where you can browse the different options.
  • On the right side of the Recipes page, you will see a recipes box. In that box, click login to add a new recipe.
  • Then you will be taken to our Create Recipe page. This is a very simple tool to use to input your recipe.
  • The title (name of your recipe), yield (how much your recipe makes), yield units (does your recipe make or serve), recipe category (what vegetable is being used) and agreement (it is your original recipe) are all mandatory fields, and you must complete them in order to submit your recipe. Other fields are optional.
  • If your recipe uses more than one thing listed under category, you can use hold the "Ctrl" key down to make multiple selections.
  • Next you add your ingredients. Each ingredient is broken up into three parts. 1- Quantity is how much of the ingredient you need. You can leave this blank if needed. 2- Unit refers to the unit of measurement. Commonly used units, such as tablespoon and cup, are listed toward the top of the list. If the measurement you need is not listed, choose "unit ()" and that will leave a blank space. Using unit is good when you have something like 5 apples (there is no measurement other than the quantity). 3- Items are the ingredients themselves.
  • If you need more lines for ingredients, click "add more ingredients" and it will generate more.
  • Then you input your recipe. You can put it into whatever format you would like, but numbering each step is usually the easiest for everyone to understand. There are a variety of formatting tools at the top that you can use or ignore, they don't make a real difference.
  • Once you click the agreement and submit, your recipe will be added to a queue where our administrator will review and publish it. Your recipe will not be live until this is done.

Use this as a resource to try need kinds of cuisine and ingredients, and show us your food!